Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: Under $100

Valentine's Day Gift Guide: Under $100 For Him and HerLike myself, many of you guys and girls out there are on a budget (#BallinOnABudget). Valentine’s Day is not the time to skimp nor does it have to be a time to splurge. With that said, you don’t have to spend a fortune to get your friend, family member or significant other a fabulous gift. I have gathered some of my favorite gifts for guys and girls that are all under $100.


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For Him: One of my favorite gifts on this list is the Crosley record player. It has a vintage element and is perfect for your music lover. Another great gift that you can get some use out of too (Yep, you read right!) is the Apple TV. I got Sutton Apple TV for Christmas last year and we use it almost everyday to rent movies off iTunes and watch Netflix. Also, how fun are the metallic playing cards and travel poker set?!

(All of these gifts were Sutton approved.)


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For Her: I definitely didn’t mean to choose all blush pink products, but it just happened that way. I don’t think I could pick just one of these gifts because they are all so adorable. But, I especially love the Fujifilm instant film camera and the Rebecca Minkoff clutch. For the traveler in your life, the GiGi New York passport holder and luggage tag would be so useful. And of course you can never go wrong with Kendra Scott earrings or a moscow mule copper mug.

What are you getting your special someone for Valentine’s Day?

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