Closet Organization: Where do I Start?

I don’t know about you but my closet is about to explode. The rod is bending in the middle and I am just waiting for it to snap in half. This does happen, I unfortunately know from experience. For all of you fashionistas (aka hoarders) out there, you probably know what I am talking about.

Normally, every time I move I do a purge and go through all of my belongings. But, when I moved back home after college I didn’t have time to sift through everything.  So, now here I am with my closet spitting my clothes back at me. I find myself asking, ‘what do I do? Where do I go from here? How can I better use my space without giving away all of my treasured pieces?’ I have done some serious research and have found some inspiration.



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I am in desperate need of a place for my hats. I believe fashion is for show and I think a great display piece will help free up one shelf in my closet. Also, right now my hats are stacked on top of each other ruining the brims.

Folded Garments


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hanging storage-ikeaImage Via Ikea

Normally, I have always hung everything that could be folded. But, with the recent closet overflow I have been forced to fold my sweaters, jeans, pants and skirts. You would think this would’ve freed up a ton of space. Apparently not for me! By adding better separation, it will allow the shelves in the closet to look less cluttered and more organized.

Out-of-Season/Special Occasion Garments

Under Bed Storage-Art Decorations Design

Image Via Art Decorations Design

Another great way to save space in your closet is to take out those items you don’t wear everyday. Special occasion dresses and out-of-season items are something I’m not grabbing for all the time so I might as well put them out of sight. In my closet I have shelving all behind my hanging clothes which I don’t utilize at all. I plan to try to better use this space to store things I don’t use all the time. Also, under the bed and the garage are great spaces to store those items you no longer need but can’t seem to part with.

Better organizing your closet will definitely help to de-clutter your life. But, don’t forget to let go of those pieces you no longer wear. Just by simply purging those items that don’t fit, don’t match your current style or those that you have simply worn ragged will free up some much needed closet space.

Stay tuned for a future post with before and after photos of my cluttered closet!


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