Work Attire Under $100

Work Attire Under $100

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I have mentioned in several posts how I am #BallinOnABudget. Living the post grad life doesn’t always involve boat loads of money, heck living the college life didn’t involve that either! But, when it comes to clothes, shoes and handbags I usually splurge for the sake of quality. However if I keep doing this I will be broke one day. So, I curated a list of high quality work attire from my favorite brands all under $100.

Dressing Tip: Also, I wanted to share a wonderful professional dressing tip that one of my good friends shared with me. If you opt to not wear a blazer or cover your arms, always make sure your shirt is tucked in or your dress is well tailored. It will instantly take you from business casual to business professional.

What is your number one professional dressing rule?

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