Embellished Sandals DIY

embellished sandals diy

I have been seeing embellished sandals in every store since spring merchandise hit the shelves back in February. All of the big designers have their own version, which can cost a fortune! Most of you know I am #BallinOnABudget, so I can’t necessarily afford to spend $300 on sandals. Plus, my closet is about to explode and I have put myself on a buying hold until I get that under control (or at least I’m attempting).

I have decided to repurpose some old sandals in my closet and DIY them into the embellished sandals I’ve always wanted. Lucky for me this craft is easy not just in terms of doability, but on the pocketbook as well. In two easy steps and in under $10 you can have a brand new pair of shoes!

What You’ll Need:

Embellished Sandals D

Sandals: I grabbed these sandals up last spring at TJ Maxx for less than $20. I have gotten a good wear out of them but they can definitely use a facelift. I would suggest using a pair of sandals you already own to keep it cost friendly or a pair from a second hand store! Also, be sure that the sandals you choose have a good working area. I chose these because the blue strap is very wide and will be easy to embellish.

Embellished Sandals DIY

Rhinestones: Choose rhinestones that have a flat back so you can easily glue them on the shoe. Any size, shape and color will do. It is all a matter of personal preference.

Embellished Sandals DIY

Fabric Glue: You will need permanent fabric glue that dries on clear.

Now that you have all of your materials, lets get started!

Embellished Sandals DIY

Step 1: Arrange the Rhinestones

Before you make your design permanent, arrange the rhinestones on your sandals. This will help you discover what you like and what you don’t. I also drew inspiration from other sandals currently on the market. (See below)


|  1.  |  2.  |  3.  |  4.  |  5.  |

Step 2: Glue the Rhinestones

Now that you know how you want your sandals to look, permanently place your rhinestones. Make sure you glue each and let them dry completely before wearing them. I decided to go for a more simple look than shown above.

Embellished Sandals DIY

I would love to see your embellished sandals DIY photos/links in the comment section below. How do you repurpose your old items and make them new again?

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