Beauty Breakdown: Designer Makeup

Beauty Break Down-

I, like most women, have indulged in a designer fragrance or two, but I’ve never looked further into their beauty lines. Personally, I’ve never understood the hype surrounding the makeup. To me, it has always been over priced and I could buy the same quality at the drug store anyway. After a recent event, I think I may have changed my mind.

A few month ago, I went to a beauty event at Neiman Marcus and was given lots of products to try out. One of the products that came in my goodie bag was a YSL mascara. I am obsessed with mascara and wear it everyday so I gave it a try. I LOVED it and am now going to refer to it as my gateway drug into designer beauty products. Since that eye opening day I have tried out more designer makeup.

Designer Makeup

Chanel Stylo Yeux Waterproof Eyeliner

I was walking through the duty free shops in the Cancun airport when I decided to purchase this Chanel eyeliner. I hadn’t bought any kind of souvenirs during my stay in Mexico so I thought “what better gift to bring back for myself then tax free makeup?” Also, all my friends were indulging and I gave in to peer pressure.

I like this eyeliner because the color is great (I bought Espresso) and very pigmented. It also stays on all day without smudging and glides on smoothly. The only negative in my opinion is the $32 cost.

YSL Mascara

Yves Saint Laurent Beaute Volume Effet Faux Cils Mascara

This was the product that got me started on my designer beauty binge. This mascara is seriously everything! In just one swipe it instantly gives you fuller, longer lashes. The brush is one of my favorite parts of this mascara because it finely separates your lashes and doesn’t leave them clumped together. This mascara is $32 which is about $10 more than Bobbi Brown, Lancome and  Laura Mercier mascaras.

Designer Makeup
CK One Color Cream + Powder Bronzer Duo

This bronzer works double duty. I use the powder bronzer for everyday wear and the cream bronzer for when I want to get crazy and contour. It’s also a great color too, it doesn’t have that deep red undertone as most bronzers have. Also, you can’t beat the price. This bad boy rings in at only $25 which is almost the same price as the bareMinerals Warmth bronzer (also love this product).

All in all, I don’t think I’m willing to spend almost $10 extra every time I want a new beauty product. However, I do think these products are worth the extra money and really aren’t that much more expensive then other makeup brands. What’s your favorite designer beauty product and are you willing to shell out the big bucks for these products?

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