Father’s Day Gift Guide Under $100

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My dad is so hard to shop for. If he wants something he will go buy it himself, so he literally has anything he could ever want. I definitely admire that about him though because if he wants something he makes it happen. My dad is the kind of guy that takes the bull by the horns and doesn’t take no for an answer. That is one of my favorite qualities about him.

However, when it comes time for Father’s Day he is not exactly my favorite person. I do my due diligence by asking him what he wants but he always replies “nothing.” This makes my job as a daughter and gift giver exponentially harder. I’m sure most of you feel the same way about your dads, so I came up with a few great gifts that will cater to every kind of dad. These Father’s Day gifts will take out all of the gift giving guesswork and will make your dad very happy.

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