How to Make a Flower Arrangement

How to make a flower arrangement

If you’ve ever thrown a party, you know flowers can be expensive. Little arrangements from the grocery store can cost upwards of $45, and if you call a florist you are looking at way more. One of the tricks I’ve learned from throwing so many parties is to do your own flowers. Yes, it may take some extra planning and a little more time. But, the amount you save is insurmountable.

Making your own flower arrangements is actually very simple. All you need is the flowers, a vase and some scissors. If you want to get fancy add a few pebbles or a ribbon. In just three simple steps you will have a beautiful flower arrangement.

How to make a flower arrangement

Step 1: Measure

Use your vase as a measuring tool. Hold your flower up to the vase and guesstimate about how much of the stem you should trim off. Always try give yourself a little leeway. You don’t want to cut off too much in the beginning because you won’t get that length back. For this particular arrangement, I wanted the hydrangea to sit up a little higher than the rose so I left the stem slightly longer.

How to make a flower arrangement

Step 2: Cut

Cut the stems of the flowers to your desired length. If necessary, cut the leaves off too. For aesthetic reasons, I cut the leaves off of the roses but kept the hydrangea’s.

How to make a flower arrangement

Step 3: Arrange

Arrange the flowers in the way you envisioned. You can use twine, rubber bands or create a grid at the top of the vase with tape to keep your flowers in place. I used pebbles as an anchor for the stems to hold the arrangement in place.

How to make a flower arrangement How to make a flower arrangement

For this project, I was able to make two arrangements with $25 of flowers. One of the pre-made arrangements at the store similar to the one I made cost about twice as much. This is so easy, cost effective and a great way to give any party a personal touch. There is no wrong or right way to make a flower arrangement. If you are having a creative block, Pinterest is always a great tool.

I’m so excited to see what you all create. Share with me the photos of your flower arrangements below in the comments!

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