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back to school

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Well even though I am technically not in school anymore, I still feel like August is that time of year to stock up on “school supplies.” Maybe I should start calling them work supplies now, #PostGradProblems. But, I’ve always loved Back to School shopping so why would I stop doing something I loved?!

From the fresh new spiral notebooks to the adorable agendas, I just can’t get enough of these desk accessories. Kate Spade, Gigi New York and Ban.Do make some of my favorite supplies. But, I also aboslutely love Rifle Paper Co.’s designs. Do you remember the midi dress I wore to Mother’s Day brunch? Well the dress was made in partnership with Rifle Paper Co. This notepad (1.) is one of my must-have desk accessories. The illustration at the top represents the front row of a fashion show. You’ve got to bring a little style into the office, right?! Also, I love their desk calendars (6.).

One item that I use now and will continue to use is the Gigi New York planner (4.). I take this planner everywhere with me! I am constantly writing things down and I love that the large version has a notes section out to the side. I write my to do list for the week there or just jot down little notes to myself.

I don’t know why I get so excited about desk accessories but I just do! They are so much fun and definitely help my work days go by a little faster.

What is your must-have desk accessory?

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