Father’s Day Gift Guide

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 Happy Tuesday! I’m back from my two week hiatus. This little break was unplanned but much needed. My stress levels have been at an all time high these past few weeks due to work, wedding planning and a thousand other things. So, I pretty much just shut down and tried to get back into a good headspace. I’m not quite 100% myself, but I’m feeling much better than I was a few weeks ago. Right now I’m looking at the positives because I’m #tooblessedtobestressed!

One reason why I am extremely blessed is my Dad. He is seriously the kindest, most generous man. Much like my Mom, he would do anything for his kids. And let me tell you, having three girls is no cake walk. Which is one of the many reasons why Father’s Day is so important! This Father’s Day I will be smothering my Dad with lots of love and presents!

My Dad always carries his tools in his truck. He loves to fix anything and everything, so I will definitely be getting him the monogrammed multi-tool. Also, I’m obsessed with the polaroid printer, Yeti rambler and King ranch belt! If your Dad is always on the go you can’t go wrong with the Herschel backpack and Nike trainers. Plus, you can’t forget about the Father’s Day go-to’s: the Vineyard Vines polo and Jack Black skincare set. Lucky for you (and me), there is still plenty of shopping time left!

Hope you all are having the best week! What are some tips and tricks you use to lead a stress-free life?



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