DIY: Bridal Shower Banner


This weekend my sister, Alyssa, hosted an adorable bridal shower for one of her best friends. Since Alyssa is in her busy season at work (tax time!), I offered to help with some of the party preparation. One of the decorations I made was a banner featuring the bride’s wedding hashtag, #CheersToTheFears. You can find generic bride-to-be versions online but I wanted it to be customized so I DIYed it!


For this project you will need scrapbook paper, two colors of 8.5 x 11 paper, scissors, ruler, glitter, glue, single hole punch and ribbon. The type, size and how much paper you buy is really up to you and your project. I wanted to play off of the invitation so I chose to use the same colors and patterns.


Step 1:

 I started by measuring to the center of each piece of paper and then drawing a straight line up to each corner. Once you have your shape drawn, cut it out.


Step 2:

Glue your two triangles together.


Step 3:

Print and cut out your letters. Here is a link to traceable letters.


Step 4:

Glue your letters onto the center of the triangles.


Step 5 & 6:

Trace around the letters with glue. Next, sprinkle glitter onto the glue. Wait a minute or so to let the glue dry and then shake the glitter off. The glue will still not be fully dry so be sure to not let your triangles touch.


Step 7 & 8:

Punch holes in both of the top corners of the triangles and tie them together with ribbon.

Bridal Shower Banner Do It Yourself Project

Now, hang your beautiful banner on the mantle or across an open window.

This is such an easy project that can be done for many different occasions!

Closet Organization: Where do I Start?

I don’t know about you but my closet is about to explode. The rod is bending in the middle and I am just waiting for it to snap in half. This does happen, I unfortunately know from experience. For all of you fashionistas (aka hoarders) out there, you probably know what I am talking about.

Normally, every time I move I do a purge and go through all of my belongings. But, when I moved back home after college I didn’t have time to sift through everything.  So, now here I am with my closet spitting my clothes back at me. I find myself asking, ‘what do I do? Where do I go from here? How can I better use my space without giving away all of my treasured pieces?’ I have done some serious research and have found some inspiration.



Image Via Apartment Therapy


Image Via Style Beat

I am in desperate need of a place for my hats. I believe fashion is for show and I think a great display piece will help free up one shelf in my closet. Also, right now my hats are stacked on top of each other ruining the brims.

Folded Garments


Image Via The Container Store

hanging storage-ikeaImage Via Ikea

Normally, I have always hung everything that could be folded. But, with the recent closet overflow I have been forced to fold my sweaters, jeans, pants and skirts. You would think this would’ve freed up a ton of space. Apparently not for me! By adding better separation, it will allow the shelves in the closet to look less cluttered and more organized.

Out-of-Season/Special Occasion Garments

Under Bed Storage-Art Decorations Design

Image Via Art Decorations Design

Another great way to save space in your closet is to take out those items you don’t wear everyday. Special occasion dresses and out-of-season items are something I’m not grabbing for all the time so I might as well put them out of sight. In my closet I have shelving all behind my hanging clothes which I don’t utilize at all. I plan to try to better use this space to store things I don’t use all the time. Also, under the bed and the garage are great spaces to store those items you no longer need but can’t seem to part with.

Better organizing your closet will definitely help to de-clutter your life. But, don’t forget to let go of those pieces you no longer wear. Just by simply purging those items that don’t fit, don’t match your current style or those that you have simply worn ragged will free up some much needed closet space.

Stay tuned for a future post with before and after photos of my cluttered closet!


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DIY: Chanel Pony Pom Pom

Chanel Pom Pom Braid-Harpers Bazaar

 Image Via Harpers Bazaar

Fashion Month is in full swing! Since I don’t have the privilege of attending New York Fashion Week this year I have been following the live feeds like crazy. One trend that I have noticed popping up in almost every show is hair accessories.

Prior to fashion week, Chanel was the first to kick off the trend with a floral pom pom during Couture Week in Paris (Full Runway Show). This look has been my favorite so far because it is light and etherial, perfect for spring. This look is so simple and easy to recreate. In four simple steps you will be looking like you just walked off the Chanel runway. 

Runway to realway is possible, people! 


For this project you will need one small hair elastic, needle, thread and fabric. I found these pre-cut flower petals at Michael’s and they ended up working perfectly for this project. It saved me a lot of time cutting out individual pieces.

Chanel Pom Pom-Step1

Chanel Pom Pom-Step2

Step 1: 

Sew four petals together for the base of your flower. Next, add on 6 layers of four petals to the top of the base flower.

Chanel Pom Pom-Step3

Step 2:

After step 1 is completed, finish off your base flower by sewing three petals on top. Followed by two petals and then one single petal in the center of your flower.

Chanel Pom Pom-Step4

Step 3:

Secure the finished flower to the hair elastic.

Chanel Pom Pom-Step5

Step 4:

Once the elastic and flower are attached, fold your flower in half. Then, push your needle through both sides of the flower. Continue piercing both sides of the flower while wrapping your thread around the elastic until it is secure.

Chanel Pom Pom-Final

DIY Chanel Inspired Pom Pom Pony

The final product should look like this. Wrap your new hair accessory around a low pony or loose braid like shown during the Chanel show for a beautiful spring look.

_ _ _ _

For Fall 2015 Fashion week designers have been opting for a slightly edgier look with sleeked back ponies and hard accessories. Some designers we saw showcasing this look were Derek Lam, Carolina Herrera, Honor and Suno.


Image Via Women’s Wear Daily | Vogue | Harpers Bazaar | Huffington Post

What is your favorite hair accessory?

The Party Report: Galentine’s Day Gift Box


My girlfriends and I try to get together at least once a week for a girls night. Whether we go out to dinner or have a night in, it is important to us to have a little BFF time every now and then. We are having a Galentine’s Day (Girl’s Valentine’s Day) get together and are going to go see 50 Shades of Grey! When I found out OPI was coming out with 50 Shades of Grey polishes I knew I had to make gift boxes for my girls.

Scroll through the steps below so you can make your own Galentine’s Day gift boxes.


What You’ll Need:


Nail Polish

I found this 50 Shades of Grey mini pack at Ulta. This pack was only $21 versus the almost $9 for a regular sized bottle. As you can see this method is much more cost effective. Split the pack up so each guest will get her own polish.


Nail File and Clipper Set

Purchase one set for each guest. I had to take the nail clipper and file out of the travel pouch so they could fit in the gift box.



Gift Boxes

How cute are these mini take-out boxes I found at World Market?!


Gift Tags

When picking out nail polish, I usually look at the name rather than the color. If the name makes me giggle, I will most likely purchase that particular one. So, I thought it would be fun to write the polish name on the gift tag rather than the guest’s name. That way each guest can pick the polish name that sticks out most to them.


Gift Wrap Stuffing

You can buy your own gift stuffing but because I am #BallinOnABudget I decided to make my own. I had one piece of this pink polka dotted tissue paper left so I cut it up with scalloped edge scissors. This took a lot of time but I also saved some money. You could even cut up an old magazine or newspaper.

This is such a cute take away present that your friends are sure to love. Also, each gift box was a little over $5! (What a steal!)

What do you have planned for Galentine’s Day?

Cape Coat DIY

I have been wanting a cape coat for the longest time but haven’t been able to find one that suits my style. While I was searching through my Grandma’s closet the other day I found this cape sweater. It was missing a few buttons, but I knew I could give it a little bit of a facelift.



Before, the buttons were a gunmetal color with an anchor stamped on them. Definitely not my style! So, instead of trying to find similar buttons I decided to cut them off and sew on new ones. I’m not crafty at all but sewing on a button is extremely easy. I purchased these gold-trimmed, black onyx faceted buttons to dress it up.



It is amazing to see how something as simple as replacing the buttons brought this cape to life.

Cape: Vintage (Similar Style)| Top: Gap (ON SALE!) | Denim: Rag & Bone | Booties: Gianni Bini, Old (Similar Style Here and Here) | Earrings: Kate Spade | Bracelets: David Yurman | Nails: OPI,  Bastille My Heart

How do you DIY?