Goals for 2017

goals for 2017

Dress: Elizabeth Ross, Color Sold Out | Scarf: Elizabeth Ross, Sold Out (Similar Style Here) | Shoes: Elizabeth Ross | Purse: GiGi New York, Old (Similar Style Here)

Since today is my last day off of work, I’m still pretending it is 2016. So, my goals for 2017 will kick off tomorrow. If you’re like me and are getting a late start on your new years resolutions, don’t worry, you aren’t the only one!

realizing stuff

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Be Productive

According to Kylie Jenner, 2016 was the year of realizing stuff. I’m not sure how much I realized but whatever Kylie says goes, right?! So, if 2016 was for realizing stuff then 2017 is for doing stuff. In 2017, I would like to be an overall more productive person.

Often times when I come home, I turn on the television and plop down on the couch. Sometimes I don’t even bother turning on the lights and find myself sitting in the dark until it is time to go to bed. I wish I was making this up, but sadly I’m not. That is how serious my laziness got in 2016.

So this year I am going to make sure I am always doing something. Whether it is not letting my laundry basket pile up until I’m finally out of clean underwear or working on a blog post. I want to constantly feel like I am bettering myself and not just being a bump on a log!

Live Healthy

Other than being productive, I want to live an overall healthier life. I finally started working out a few months ago but now I need to get my diet right. A friend once told me that getting fit is 85% what you eat and 15% working out. I didn’t really believe that until my metabolism started to slow down.

I eat fairly healthy but on the weekends I pretty much chow down on whatever I want. Fast food, comfort food, you name it, I’m eating it. It’s hard to cut these things out cold turkey so I am going to allow myself fast food once a month. I am also going to try my hardest not to buy processed foods at the grocery store. According to my horoscope for 2017, this is the year where I learn how to cook so this goal is only fitting!

What are your goals for 2017?



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Life Lately

Life Lately

Rain Jacket | Dress (Similar Style Here) | Sandals | PurseLife Lately

T-Shirt (Similar Style Here) | Shorts | Sandals
Life Lately

Over-the Knee Boots | Skirt | JeansLife Lately

Top: Similar Style Here and HereLife Lately

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After about a month long hiatus from blogging, I’m finally back. Stress has definitely gotten the best of over the last few weeks. I’ve been in one of my busiest times at work and I haven’t been able to think about much else. Luckily, we are wrapping up our projects and I’m finally able to get back into my daily routines.

Which means August and most of September have been fairly boring. I’ve just been working, catching up on sleep and trying to stay sane. But amongst all of the crazy, there has been so much good happening. I feel incredibly blessed to live the life that I do! Now, I’m gearing up for a busy personal schedule to finish out September and October.

What have y’all been up to lately?



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I’ve been visiting Colorado ever since I was a little kid. My grandparents have a quaint little cabin in the middle of nowhere. There is hardly any cell phone reception and definitely no wifi, which means it is the perfect place to unplug and get away from the world.

I spent all last week at the cabin with my sisters. Surprisingly we didn’t kill each other and had tons of fun together. We hit all of our typical spots and some new places too. We ventured to Colorado Springs, Buena Vista and Breckenridge.

Colorado Springs, CO


Where We Ate: La Taverne \ Thunder & Buttons

What We Did: The Broadmoor \ The Garden of the Gods

In Colorado Springs we typically shop, go to the Cave of the Winds or the North Pole, but this time we decided to do something different! I really wanted to go to The Broadmoor resort and check out their wedding venue spaces. Unfortunately, I won’t be hosting my wedding at the hotel, but if you are thinking about a destination wedding, then this is a must see! All of the outdoor spaces were beautiful, and I’m sure during the winter time it would be breathtaking. 

We also visited the Garden of the Gods, a natural monument filled with Red Rock Corral. I could’ve hiked around this place for hours. Clearly, I wore the wrong shoes for that and it started raining, so we didn’t stay too long.

Buena Vista, CO

Colorado Colorado Colorado Colorado

Where We Ate: Simple Eatery \ House Rock Kitchen \ The Midland Stop

What We Did: Colorado Trail Rides

If you’ve ever visited Buena Vista, you were probably going to camp or white water raft. This is the closest town with a grocery store and restaurant to our cabin, so we come here often. Before this year, there were 3 or 4 restaurants, a grocery store and not much else. Now, there are tons of shops, adorable cottages and delicious restaurants. We visited the town twice during our stay to eat, shop and do a trail ride of course!

Breckenridge, CO

Colorado Colorado

Where We Ate: The Motherload Tavern \ Clint’s Bakery & Deli

What We Did: Summer Fun Park

I don’t have a ton of pictures from Breckenridge because I was too busy shopping! But, we did take a little break from stuffing our faces and shopping to ride the gondola up the mountain. Usually when we go to the Summer Fun Park at the top of the mountain we will ride the Alpine Slide. This year, we decided to skip the slide and ride the giant chairlift to the very top of the mountain.

I definitely wasn’t ready to come home and go back to reality! But, we had tons of fun and I love that we always make great memories when we come to Colorado. What is your favorite family vacation spot?



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Life Lately

Life Lately

We are mid-way through the summer, y’all! June flew by too quickly. I’ve barely made it out to the pool which is very unusual for me! This past month I finally started wedding planning, celebrated a birthday and enjoyed lots of family time.

Life Lately

Dress (Similar Style Here) | Sandals | Handbag | Sunglasses

Sutton and I have visited a few different venues over the course of the month. We are still trying to decide between a destination wedding or having a local get-together here in Dallas. Are any of you bride-t0-be’s having the same dilemma? It definitely doesn’t help that I’m so indecisive, but we do have a favorite venue for each location.

Life Lately

Dress | Bracelets | Shoes

Life Lately

Top, Sold Out (Similar Style Here) | Necklace

I also celebrated my golden birthday this month. 25 hasn’t been so bad after all. Along with it being my birthday month, my sister’s birthday is also in June, as well as my parents’ anniversary. This year they celebrated 30 years of marriage!
Life Lately

T-shirt | Sunglasses | Earrings | Necklace | Bracelet

July is turning out to be an extremely busy month with travel. This weekend will be my only weekend at home this month. For the fourth of July holiday weekend, Sutton and I ventured to Norman, Oklahoma. In the upcoming weeks, we have a trip planned to Galveston for a belated birthday celebration for my sister and me, and possibly a trip to Colorado!

What’s been going on in your life lately?



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Father’s Day Gift Guide

Fathers Day Gift Guide|  1.  |  2.  |  3.  |  4.  |  5.  |  6.  |  7.  |  8.  |

 Happy Tuesday! I’m back from my two week hiatus. This little break was unplanned but much needed. My stress levels have been at an all time high these past few weeks due to work, wedding planning and a thousand other things. So, I pretty much just shut down and tried to get back into a good headspace. I’m not quite 100% myself, but I’m feeling much better than I was a few weeks ago. Right now I’m looking at the positives because I’m #tooblessedtobestressed!

One reason why I am extremely blessed is my Dad. He is seriously the kindest, most generous man. Much like my Mom, he would do anything for his kids. And let me tell you, having three girls is no cake walk. Which is one of the many reasons why Father’s Day is so important! This Father’s Day I will be smothering my Dad with lots of love and presents!

My Dad always carries his tools in his truck. He loves to fix anything and everything, so I will definitely be getting him the monogrammed multi-tool. Also, I’m obsessed with the polaroid printer, Yeti rambler and King ranch belt! If your Dad is always on the go you can’t go wrong with the Herschel backpack and Nike trainers. Plus, you can’t forget about the Father’s Day go-to’s: the Vineyard Vines polo and Jack Black skincare set. Lucky for you (and me), there is still plenty of shopping time left!

Hope you all are having the best week! What are some tips and tricks you use to lead a stress-free life?



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